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Key Features:

  • ⚡ Plug & Play System

  • ⚡ Zero Configuration Required

  • ⚡ Clear No Entry, No Trade Zones for risk management

  • ⚡ Simple Color-based Buy/Sell system with clear alerts

  • ⚡ No backtesting/optimization needed

  • ⚡ Weekly Interactive Live Training

  • ⚡ Works across all markets

  • ⚡ New AI Algorithms added regularly

  • ⚡ Adapts to evolving market conditions

  • ⚡ Precise Safe Zones for optimal profits

  • ⚡ No prior trading or charting experience required

  • ⚡ Suitable for both Short Term Traders & Long Term Investors

  • ⚡ Fully Optimized for different timeframes and asset classes

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Imagine catching every golden opportunity the market whispers, right on our mobile app. Our instant trade alerts bring the hottest prospects directly to your device, turning each notification into a potential success story.

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Buying the dip? Easy, if you know it's coming. Dramatic before-and-after shots, with a focus on the AI’s alert system.

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Dive into a world where AI leads you to undiscovered trading treasures. Imagine being the first to catch wind of the next big market move, turning insights into gains. Feel the thrill of confident, ahead-of-the-curve trading with our AI at your side.

Never Miss a Rally: AI That Works While You Rest

Picture waking up to the news of a successful trade that you didn’t even know was coming. Our AI tirelessly analyzes the market, capturing opportunities like the recent rally, all while you sleep. It’s not just about trading; it’s about consistently waking up to success, crafted by AI that’s always on the lookout for your next big win.

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Refine your trading strategy with our advanced trend analysis and efficient decision-making tools. Tailored for smooth and successful market navigation.


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Who Should Join TRADINGi & Why ?

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, Tradingi.com is the gateway to mastering the global financial markets.

For the Active Trader

Elevate your trading game with our cutting-edge, AI-powered tools designed for the experienced.

For the Aspiring Trader

Begin your trading journey with confidence, using our intuitive resources and educational tools.

For the Future Trader

Build a solid trading foundation with our comprehensive learning materials, ready when you are.

For the Savvy Investor

Transform your subscription into an investment towards future financial growth with our elite trading tools.

For the Busy Bee

Maximize your trading potential with streamlined, AI-powered alerts that fit into your hectic life.

For Everyone

Discover the power of trading with a platform that makes financial markets accessible and empowering for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? don’t hesitate to contact us
What is Tradingi.com?
TRADINGi is a trading platform that utilizes advanced AI technology to analyze market sentiment and provide insights for various markets like stocks, forex, crypto, options, and futures. Our AI system is designed to tackle market unpredictability, turning risks into rewards.
How do I start using Tradingi.com?
Easy! Just sign up for our 14-day free trial. You’ll get instant access to all our cool trading tools.
What goodies do I get with the free trial?
You get full access to every feature on Tradingi.com for 14 days. This means real-time data, smart analytics, and tips to help you trade better, all for free.
Who can benefit from using TRADINGi?
TRADINGi is suitable for both new and experienced traders. Our system is designed to guide beginners from scratch to become proficient traders in less than a week, while also providing valuable tools and insights for seasoned traders.
What features does TRADINGi offer?
TRADINGi offers a range of features including real-time alerts, exclusive trading indicators, custom screeners, intuitive entry strategies, comprehensive market overviews, sentiment analysis, in-depth analysis, cloud-based support/resistance visualization, and educational resources.
Can TRADINGi be integrated with other trading tools?
Yes, TRADINGi’s Trading GPS can be used alongside other trading tools and indicators, complementing and enhancing your existing trading strategy.
What types of markets can TRADINGi's tools be applied to?
TRADINGi’s tools, including the Trading GPS, are versatile and can be applied to a variety of markets such as stocks, forex, commodities, and more.
What if I need help or have questions?
We’re here for you! Our friendly support team is ready to answer your questions or help out with anything you need. Just reach out to us.

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